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Innovative Classes

Golden Masterpiece Dance Company specializes in a wide range of classes including:

All Hip-Hop Levels (Beg/Intermediate/advanced)
Jazz Funk
Stretching and Conditioning
Go Mama! – Heels Dance for Mothers
F.I.O {Fitness it Out } – Parents Work Class
Pop and Locking
Movement Class
Arco levels 1-3
Weddings(Father/Daughter/Mother/Son Dance)
Sweet 15’s and 16’s


Brings that Miami Heat to the table. She had a passion for dance her whole life. Being a dancer and choreographer for many years. She gets a thrill of seeing others, as they Master new dance steps, and techniques.

“Seeing dance move people is filling and rewarding to me. It provides discipline and confidence.”


Dedication to mastery in each dancer’s unique artistry is his primary focus. To him, every dancer is their own masterpiece. Incorporating urban hip-hop into his lessons, he pushes dancers to their limits.